Lisa Freeman's Life Journey         

A Survivor's Story of Faith, Courage, Hope, and Healing

"I was bullied & the bully--I ran to all the wrong things--now I'm running to share my powerful story of survial with others--so they can be a survivor too."

Award-Winning Author

Lisa Freeman Bullying Abuse Survivor 

Elisabeth (Lisa) Freeman has been featured on various TV News Programs

From Death to Life Lisa Freeman

shares her remarkable story...

"I was an abused, teen runaway, 7th grade drop out. While hitchhiking from state to state with my older boyfriend, I was kidnapped, raped, forced into dancing and prostitution, and nearly killed."

Today, she's traveling a new road and shares her powerful story of healing, hope and LIFE, at schools, churches, and events all over the USA.

"Don't run to all the things I did," Lisa says. "Run To Life."

Check out Lisa's books on abuse, and break the cycle of abuse in your life today.

Lisa breaks the cycle of abuse by offering domestic abuse help. Through motivational interactive workshops and seminars she gives individuals powerful insight into all different types of abuse, and key tips and techniques on how to get safe, prevent abuse, and how to heal after an abusive attack. She even uses trained therapy dogs in her program.

"RUN TO LIFE TOUR" coming to town near you... More

HELP STOP ABUSE, BULLYING & VIOLENCE in Lisa's son, Brian's memory--He lived & died forgiving his bullies, now she vows to go all over the USA in his honor, Changing hearts for Brian and others like him.


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Award-Winning Book

Run For Your Life

Run For Your Life Book One

of the Series

Although there are many books on abuse, this action packed thriller is

Based on Lisa's chilling true life story.

As Lisa hitchhikes around the US at 13, with her older boyfriend, every ride takes her on a new chilling adventure. More


 "I've been abused and bullied in nearly every way. But I am no longer a victim--I'm a Survivor and you can be too!"

Contact Lisa Today!

Women against abuse who are still being abused can break free from the power and control that's been overtaking them!

Other Books On Abuse

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